Photo Informations!

Looking for information on sending me review copies?  Check this page or click review copies on the menu!

Do you want to have rights to my photos or use them in your adds/on social media and etc? Just ask! I would be honored and more times than not I can send you a fullsize copy.

I try to use poses and windlights that don’t alter the color or shape of the object. If I cant find a pose that fits the personality of the photo I’m trying to take I can certainly make one that does!

Also, I do edit my photos. Mostly this includes giving depth to the avatar itself with highlights and shadows. If your not okay with your items being edited or in photos that have been photoshoped and you communicate that with me I will be more than happy to not edit your items or edit photos that contain your brand. I certainly have some raw photos ( or mostly raw photos ) on this blog that you can view and I will post some links below.


  1. Example to show comparison between processed vs lightly edited. ( this photo may be considered NSFW )
  2. Example with double picture to show smaller sponsored items for flickr. This photo is edited. I dont usually do a double photo unless items are sponsored.
  3. Example of a post with a completely raw photo. Another here.